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Macy and Anna Save Candyland Bite 5

    Jolly's donkey was every bit as short and round as his owner. Anna wondered how he could even stand up with Jolly on his back. Jolly had also packed several bags which hung from various places on him and his donkey. When the donkey moved the bags clunked and rattled, making a funny kind of music for their journey.

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Macy and Anna Save Candyland Bite 4

   "Oh, Mr. Mint!" Macy breathed. "Oh, it's terrible. Horrible. Who would do this?" The forest had abruptly ended. There before them lay the remains of hundreds and hundreds of peppermint trees. The shattered trunks and fallen branches scattered across the ground in a haphazard fashion. Here and there were patches where some of the branches were stacked in a pile as if someone attempted to begin the cleanup, and then gave up. Mr. Mint's face had that fierce look on it again. 

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January Jones

"All right," January mumbled from between her fingers. "It all started when I was sitting on my living room couch reading a book." January straightened up and told him the whole story, beginning with the ball and ending with being thrown in the dungeon. She didn't leave anything out, not the chicken dance, not the dousing from Cinderella's sister, and certainly not the sandwiches. When she mentioned snacks, Lucas's eyes lit up.

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