About Me - Andrea Lynn

Andrea Lynn

I am a reader.

Diving deep into a new story with a cup of coffee at my elbow is my idea of heaven on earth. Re-reading an old favorite while curled up in my husband’s easy chair - bliss itself. I love connecting with the stories of others. In every room in my house you will find a book with a slip of paper marking the spot I left off. I read fiction; I read non-fiction; I read the backs of shampoo bottles; I read cereal boxes; I read children’s books. I read magazines. If it contains words and it is within my reach, I have probably read it. I am a reader through and through. 

    But more than a reader, at my core, I am a writer. 

I am a writer.

When I am not writing my soul yearns for a pen and notebook or a computer keyboard. There is a verse in Psalms which reads “When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.” Psalm 32:3. My bones groan when I am not actively working on a written project. I connect with God and my own thoughts and feelings when I write. When I write, I express my heart.

    For all my life I have been a writer. I have little snippets of thoughts jotted down on slips of paper tucked throughout my home. I imagine my relatives rolling their eyes as they clean out my belongings after I’ve died. “Why in the world did she keep a note that only reads 'Kevin Garnett as a metaphor' on it?” They will shake their heads and tuck the slips into the wastebasket and probably forget all about what they read. But maybe, just maybe, one of them will be inspired by the note they saw and go on to scribble out a truth or a story or a sweeping epic based on one short lost thought. 

    Writing is also a way I can communicate truths about God, His redemption, and living the Christian life in a meaningful and impactful way. I believe that in creating authentic, Christian characters I can minister to others, and through these characters I can model how to walk in truth and love. My heart’s prayer is that my writing in all areas can serve as a tool to bring others closer to God. 

    My dream is to publish a full length fiction book. I have a few works I am currently writing and for which I am seeking representation. Generally, my writing style and novels fall into the chic-lit genre. Recently I have ventured into children’s literature and I have a few children’s novel length books in progress. I also write skits and sketches, devotional articles, and flash fiction.

    In everything I do, I want to connect to the heart of the reader, and turn it toward the One Who made us all.

    My handsome husband, our two growing daughters, and I live in Western Wisconsin. Currently I am homeschooling both of our girls. In my spare time I love to bake bread, eat cheese, and watch Netflix - usually not at the same time.


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