About Me - Andrea Lynn

Andrea Lynn

I am a reader.

  Diving deep into a new story with a cup of coffee at my elbow is my idea of heaven on earth. Re-reading an old favorite while curled up in my husband’s easy chair - bliss itself. I love connecting with the stories of others. In every room in my house you will find a book with a slip of paper marking the spot I left off. I read fiction; I read non-fiction; I read the backs of shampoo bottles; I read cereal boxes; I read children’s books. I read magazines. If it contains words and it is within my reach, I have probably read it. 

    But more than a reader, at my core, I am a writer. 

I am a writer.

   When I am not writing my soul yearns for a pen and notebook or a computer keyboard. There is a verse in Psalms which reads “When I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.” Psalm 32:3. My bones groan when I am not actively working on a written project. I connect with God and my own thoughts and feelings when I write. When I write, I express my heart.

    For all my life I have been a writer. I have little snippets of thoughts jotted down on slips of paper tucked throughout my home. 

    Writing is also a way I can communicate truths about God, His redemption, and living the Christian life in a meaningful and impactful way. My heart’s prayer is that my writing in all areas can serve as a tool to bring others closer to God. 

    In everything I do, I want to connect to the heart of the reader, and turn it toward the One Who made us all.

    My handsome husband, our two growing daughters, and I live in Western Wisconsin where we homeschool both our girls. In my spare time I love to bake bread, eat cheese, and watch Netflix - usually not at the same time.


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